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Huawei announces new smart glasses running on HarmonyOS
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Huawei has announced some new devices in the past few days and one of the more interesting ones that they introduced is their new pair of smart glasses. What makes this one different is that it’s running on HarmonyOS, Huawei’s proprietary software and its virtual assistant Celia can help you out...
Apple has earned dual reputations as a company known for producing status symbol products, and as a retailer that rarely provides much in the way of d
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Apple is weighing whether to push back the debut of its hotly anticipated virtual reality headset until late 2022 at the earliest, according to Bloomberg. Although Apple has never publicly confirmed work on a headset, investors and analysts increasingly believe such a device will become a big...
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One Village, One Product (1K1P)
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A community-centred development approach towards economic diversification, the One Village, One Product
What is 1 Kampung 1 Produk?
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Locally made and traditional products